Published on October 14, 2009 By zadiel In Websites

I was going to download the Wolfenstein demo from Fileshack, and to get the higher 750 KB/s download cap you need to register (it's only 500 KB/s for unregistered users). Fileshack has been around for years and has a good reputation, so I had no problem signing up for 250 KB/s more bandwidth. I'm actually pretty sure I had a Fileshack account years ago, I just forgot the username/password.

Anyway, as I'm there I see the download for the Dragon Age Origins Character Creator, and I was interested in trying it after reading today's Penny Arcade comic, so I fire that up too. I figured it would let me download the two files at a combined 750 KB/s, or maybe stick the second file in a queue, or something. But no! I'm currently downloading them both at 750 KB/s each. What the heck is the point in having a cap if it's a per-file cap?

Exciting, I know. I just had to share this with the world.

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